Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Melonie Miles

Bought home in Frisco, TX in 2019 Overall rating Market expertise Responsiveness Negotiation skills Professionalism & Communication I have lived at 16 addresses in the past 30 years, and I have NEVER met a Realtor like Morris! Pre-purchase, Morris had a broad approach to what might work for us, and showed us some houses that we didnt think were what we were looking for. We wound up buying one of those houses! Morris recommended beyond the myriad of options I had tracked down on Zillow and Realtor. He also guided us on pricing, gave very realistic and creative ways for repair costs on what might be needed to repair or repurpose specific areas in target houses. During inspections, Morris followed up on EVERY item listed as a problem or concern with the inspectors, including finding an independent roofer to climb up on the roof and double check the original opinion. Post purchase- well, Morris has a huge Rolodex (anyone still know what that is? lol) of trades, repair people, etc. whenever an issue arose. This is AFTER the deal was closed and he was already paid. He got NOTHING from this additional service, except that is the kind of guy Morris is. He has given us names of pool service people, painters, people to clean the old house, plumber... I can't even remember all of the people Morris has referred for us. Once when there was a repair to be made to the oven by the prior owners, we were unavailable, so Morris drove over here to make sure everything was done properly. On another occasion, just last week, we had a problem with the sprinkler system and everyone was gone for a week. Morris contacted me in Alabama to tell me what was going on, and offered up his sprinkler guy. Now remember, this is almost a month AFTER closing! Also, which is no minor matter, Morris referred us to our mortgage guy, who was able to create a mortgage for us, at excellent rates, while we own multible properties. The entire process flowed effortlessly. Another key element in this entire process is that Morris has lived in this area nearly forever, and knows almost everyone. The listing agent for the property we purchased worked with him, and they were able to settle many sticky points over a cup of coffee, rather than through an adversarial process. This was worth the world to us, as we were pretty stressed as it was, and Morris made everything easy. Given my history of 16 addresses in 30 years, it is not a stretch to assume I probably have several more home purchases, and sales, in my future. I will absolutely NOT use ANY other Realtor, as long as Morris is kicking and screaming above ground!